How we started


The Fastest Charger LLC started from a group of people on a mission to change the way you charge! On a trip to Las Vegas a member of our team forgot their charger which prompted the question, that started the conversation - why aren't hotels equipped with wireless chargers? In a digital world guests are more tapped into their cell phones then ever before. People can book a room, a flight, order a car or have food delivered in less than two minutes from their mobile device. Most people's entire lives revolve around their cellphone, which is why forgetting a charger can be a huge inconvenience. We wanted to offer an affordable convenient solution to this common problem which is why we started The Fastest Charger. We've worked hard to make sure every interaction you have with us is great - from the second you visit our website, to the second you're admiring your wireless chargers and saying "wow". 

Heart & Hands

Why The Fastest Charger? 


The Fastest Charger was created to keep Hotels and Businesses relevant in the Digital Age. We LOVE hotels and care about your business! This is why we offer the most affordable, fast, wireless chargers on the market. We will help you inject some luxury into your hotel rooms for a fraction of the price. We are a small company with a dedicated support team who will be there for you every step of the way. 


"Best customer service experience ever! Thank you so much for helping my resort get better reviews. I was scared to buy 5500 chargers in September but the guy on the phone helped walk me through the process. Best descion ever! My google reviews went from 3.6 to 4.2 stars in just two months after putting chargers in my rooms. I don't usually leave reviews but it's been on my mind and you earned a good one. Thank you so much!"

- Ted Stevens, 12 December 2020


"These chargers are fast and guests love them. You impressed me when my  order was delieverd much faster than expected and it was an exciting experience to help my staff unbox and place the chargers in our rooms. The first night multiple guests thanked us for having the chargers. We are a small family owned hotel in Pensylvania so this was a big deal for me to place a huge order like this. Thank you Ryan for going above and beyond on the phone with me! I will be placing another order with you in the future."

- Mary Gordon, 8 November 2020


I am thrilled. You deserve an awesome review! Ryan the guy on the phone was kind and easy to work with. He didn't pressure me at all... it was like talking with an old friend. He understood how hard it it to keep a small business running during times like these. He called me the day before my order arrived to let me know when to expect the delivery and called back a few days later to check in. I really appreciate the professional customer service you offer, that is hard to find these days. Also the chargers are great! We have been getting a lot of positive feedback because of them. 

- Chad Campbell, 2 November 2020 

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