wireless charging 

 Changing The Way You Charge!



Simply place your device on the charging pad and let the powerful 10W Wireless Charger quickly power up your phone to full battery! 





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Contact us for custom pricing on orders over 5,000 units. Please contact us if you would like your brands logo or business name printed on the wireless charger. If you are a business still considering placing a bulk order then please ask us for a free product sample to test the charger yourself. 


Phone: 1-360-798-0991   /   Email:support@thefastestcharger.com

a step ahead

Stay a step ahead of competitors by offering your guests conveniece and peace of mind when they forget their charger. In the digital age people have thousands of options at the touch of their fingertips when choosing a place to stay for the night. Make their choice easy by offering luxury amenities like a wireless charger. Do more for your customers by offering a unique and thoughtful touch to their stay.  

be a hero 

Save your guests trip by offering a luxury wireless charger by their bedside. There is nothing that can ruin a trip like realizing your phone is on low battery and you have forgotten your charger at home. Exceed your customers expectations by showing them you care about their experience. Save their day by offering a convenient solution! 

better reviews

Forgetting a phone charger is a common mistake most of us make. Imagine the pleasant surprise of finding a charger in your room after realizing you forgot yours at home. By going the extra mile for your customers they will be more inclined to note their gratitude when leaving a review.